Who Is Jason Lannister in House of the Dragon?


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When Jason Lannister rides into camp with his long hunting spear in Episode 3, feudal masculinity is on full display 

In House of the Dragon, which chronicles the rule of the pre-Lannister  Targaryen dynasty, Jason (Jefferson Hall) is the first Lannister to play  a significant role. 

So here comes Jason Lannister to politely propose marriage to Princess  Rhaenyra Targaryen, who is now 17 in the show, and invite her to move in  with him at Casterly Rock 

a huge dull castle perched atop a sizable cliff. She rejects the offer. He withdraws in a pout to confront King Viserys 

But this episode introduces us to more Lannisters than just Jason.  Tyland Lannister, a knight on the King’s little council, also seems to  occupy a significant role close to Viserys. 

Instead of casting actual twins, Hall is reportedly performing both roles to give the HBO VFX crew even more work.

In an episode that featured the most comprehensive dragon fighting  we’ve seen since Game of Thrones’ last season, it’s one of the more  subdued examples of VFX creativity.

Episode 3’s battles appeared to be fantastic.) But it’s likely that both Lannisters will appear in subsequent episodes.

Therefore, although being pitiful and unpleasant, their functions may also be crucial.

The leader of House Lannister and the Lord of Casterly Rock, Jason  Lannister, is said to have some of the best hunting in the world.

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